April 18, 2024

How To Get The Best Deals To Buy A Cellphone Within Budget In The KSA

Every two years, we need a change when it comes to cell phones. With the dynamic approach of the technological world, no phone configuration or specs remain the same. In order to catch up with the time, one has to get a new cell phone. Especially if they are technology enthusiasts and want to experience the new upcoming features.


However, our budget doesn’t always support the idea of a new phone. So should you scratch the idea of buying a new phone this new year or try to fit it within the budget?


Can you get a good phone within a budget? Or do you have to manage your expectations and wait until you can save more? Here is how you could get the best deals for someone determined to buy a new phone.


Buying A Cellphone On Budget

Rather than wait another six months to save a few hundred dollars, why not make the most of the time? Then, you must be on high alert and check some offers here and there.


No product stays at the same price for too long. So here is an elaborate guide to buying your favorite mobile phone within your holiday budget.

1. Try Holiday Deals

Speaking about holidays, try to get the best of your holiday discounts. Almost every online and offline store anywhere in the world will be giving offers and discounts from December until the new year.


Other than that, every country and ethnicity has their own holiday throughout the year. If you choose to buy at the correct time, you can get new electronics at almost 50% of the original price.


For example, KSA on Foundation Day, September 22nd, and Eid al-Fitr will have huge sales on electronics. So, if you wait a little more, you might be able to get the best deals on the newest electronic release. 

2. Try Refurbished Items

Whenever people hear the term refurbished, they think second-hand. Yes, it is a synonym, but they have two different meanings in the technological world. You can buy second-hand from anyone, but refurbished items are often sold at an online or offline store.


Therefore, these stores wouldn’t accept any electronics which are anything less than what they could sell again. They are checked and then overhauled. So, if you want the new edition or model but cannot afford it, go for a refurbished item.


Yes, they are not exactly new, but you could learn how much the phone has been used before you prior to getting them. Especially, if you are in KSA buying refurbished offline can get you a phone which is almost new.

3. Find Deals & Coupons Online

Coupons and deals are the best way to buy anything within budget. But the deals you get in terms of electronics, even when it’s not the holiday season, make it even better. So if you are looking for the best coupon, then try out the noon coupons 2022, and get an almost 80% discount on your first electronic if you are lucky!


These coupons circulating around KSA, gives you the best deals whenever you find yourself on a tight budget.

4. Sell Your Older Handsets

If you have old electronic items like a phone or a computer which is working well, you can sell the parts for some cash. It might not be too much but you can always get some help with your purchase.


It is better to find someone within your circle to buy these items than to sell them to an offline or online store. Unfortunately, they are quick to reject the deal with simple deformities and the age of the phone. 

5. Buy Older Flagships

Every year companies manufacture new handsets and disregard the old ones. So if you buy your phone online, you should be able to save a few dollars if you buy an older flagship item.


You can get these items with the same specs at a discounted price. At times you will even find promotions for these items than the new models. 

6. Cut Down On Other Accessories

Once you buy a new mobile, you will be bombarded with a plethora of other accessories. Some are utterly necessary, for example, earpods, headphones, memory chips etc. All you need to do is stay away from these temptations.


If the configuration allows you to connect other cheaper headphones to your phone, you do not need to buy the limited edition they are offering at a discounted price.

Manage Your Expectations Well!

You know you are buying something with a tight budget. So, you have to limit your expectations. If you have some specs in mind, look for a model that offers lower prices. Do not go for brand status.


You can also try low-cost or zero-cost EMI options provided by certain online stores when purchased with one particular card.


If a phone upgrade is what you are looking for, then compare and contrast the features of the one you have right now and the one you are planning to buy. If it is not an impulsive buy, ensure it is serving your purpose to the fullest.

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