April 17, 2024

What Are the Important Factors That Impact Personal Loan Interest Rates?

Personal loans whether through private sector banks, public sector banks or loan apps in India like Money View, Money Tap, Dhani, India Lends, NIRA, KreditBee, Fibe, CASHe, etc. are a few of the most crucial lenders offering this most versatile funding option.

This option comes with zero restrictions on end-usage of the sanctioned loan proceeds. From your trip abroad expenditures to your home down payment requirement, you can opt for this loan for nearly any requirement. However, before you decide on availing a personal loan, ensure to keep the cost incurred on this loan within your budget. This is where you must make sure to evaluate your thorough interest outgo, which is decided based on your offered personal loan rate of interest.

Personal loan rate of interest is distinct across various lenders/borrowers either you are borrowing from Money View or from others. Distinct lenders provide distinct personal loan rates of interest depending on your credibility. Usually, with an excellent credit score, you tend to avail nominal rate of interest, making your personal loan offer an affordable option for you. While determining your personal loan rates, lenders tend to factor in various parameters.

Note that, the great news is you can enhance your creditworthiness by ameliorating a few parameters that impact your rate of interest. Continue reading to know what they actually are.

Parameters impacting your personal loan rate of interest are as follows –

NBFCs and banks consist of a set of needs for personal loan approval. Based on the fulfilment of the required parameters, lenders set your rate of interest and other conditions. Mentioned here are the consideration points that impact your personal loan interest rates.

Loan proceeds – The loan proceeds that you require are one of the crucial parameters that lenders factor in. The loan proceeds depend on your income and the industry in which you are employed with. Thus, your eligibility as an applicant to borrow more is based on your income level.

Repayment tenure – The loan’s length often holds a direct impact on your rate of interest. The suggested rates may lower as the tenure lengthens.

Borrower’s income – The loan’s interest rate ultimately is dependent aggressively on your income. Lenders may be persuaded that you can make your loan repayments on time if you hold a high income with a steady flow of revenue. You may get the benefit of a cheaper rate of interest if you build this impressive.

Repayment capacity – Your potential to repay the debt plays a key parameter in establishing your rate of interest. Having a higher repayment capacity owing to higher income and lower financial obligations convinces the lenders that you may be able to repay your loan in full and on time.

Credit score – Your credit score even impacts how much amount that you can take up a loan. Ensure to include your interest rate too to this calculation. Thus, if you hold a score of as high as 750 and with defaults, then you hold a high chance of availing personal loan at a lower rate of interest.

Monthly salary – Your income assists the lender decide whether you as a borrower are risky or not. If you are considered a high-risk individual due to lower income, poor credit score or high debts, then your chances of availing an approval on a personal loan may be extremely low owing to higher chances of defaulting on loan repayment. A high income on monthly basis assures lenders of your potential to repay the loan timely in full. As an outcome, they might offer you a lower personal loan rate of interest.

This is even one of the reasons why lenders hold minimal income eligibility parameters for a personal loan. You can place an application for a personal loan just if you mitigate the loan parameters. Besides your income, employers even play a crucial role in deciding the rate of interest that must be offered to you as a loan applicant. If you work with a reputed organisation or employer, this points towards high-income stability, guaranteeing lenders about your potential to repay on time.

Association with lender

In case you have had any previous transactions with lenders, they might be willing to provide you with an attractive personal loan rate of interest. This is because lenders are more likely to trust those applicants whose past financial records and background they have on paper and generally seek to take measures to retain such customers. Your relationship with the lender can even speed up the loan approval process. In case you hold multiple offers from distinct lenders from whom you have availed certain services, you can take the help of an online EMI calculator to know the best offer for yourself.

What are the top important tips you must consider taking up for availing a personal loan at a low rate of interest?

Listed here are some of the important parameters you must consider factoring to obtain a personal loan with a low rate of interest.

·       Build and keep your credit score at least 750 and above.

·       Check out offering that NBFCs and banks have pre-approved already.

·       Consult the NBFCs and banks with which you share an existing long-term relationship in the term of a savings account or loan.

·       Keep an eye on the lender’s rate of interest reduction during holiday time.

·       You must ensure to authenticate and compare distinct personal loan deals from various lenders to zero on the best personal loan offering. For this, you must ensure to check out online financial markets.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Which lenders provide a personal loan with the lowest rate of interest?

Applicant’s income, credit score, potential to repay the personal loan on time and credit history – all these parameters play a very important role in deciding your personal loan interest rate. Most public sector banks even offer a lower rate of interest than private sector banks in case you are looking for cheap interest-rate personal loans.

What is a personal loan flat rate?

When the rate of interest on a personal loan stays the same across the loan tenure, then it is called a flat rate of interest. It is computed based on the thorough loan balance.


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