April 18, 2024
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What is bitcoin? How we can buy BTCs?

Hey guys, what is up. In this particular post, we will be discussing what is bitcoin. What is the private and public key? Also, about peer-to-peer technology.

Updated on 06.10.2021


What is bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is a digital currency that was discovered in 2009 by a mysterious person “Satoshi Nakamoto”. The idea of bitcoin was written on a whitepaper by the founder later was followed and it became a huge success. Moreover, the name of the person or group of persons behind this technology is still a question mark. Moreover, this currency provides lower transaction charges than other methods of transaction. Also, less than all the online payment methods which are issued by the government, that works with the help of a central authority.

Bitcoin is a sort of crypto-currency. There is no physical coin available in the world. Moreover, only balances are kept on common records in which everyone has equal access. All the transactions that are done are checked with a huge amount of computing power. This coin is not provisioned by any government or any banks in the world. Also, this is not being a valid tender in many parts of the world, but it is very much famous and has also activated the launch of many other cryptos. Those are known as “altcoins” in the market. It is referred to as “BTC” in the world.

Understanding Bitcoin:

what is bitcoin

The BTC system is a group of computers that is also known as “nodes” or “miners”. This system is capable of running code of BTC’s and stores its blockchain. Therefore, a blockchain can be referred to as a group of blocks. Each block stores the method of transactions. All the computers that run the blockchain have the same records of transactions and blocks. Also, these can check the new blocks that are filled because of new BTC transactions, so that no one can cheat the technology. 

Anyone in the world, whether they use a bitcoin “node” or not can see these transactions taking place in real-time. To attain a criminal act, a bad performer would use 51% of the computing power that creates a bitcoin. BTC has almost 10,000 nodes, as of June 2021. The number of these nodes are increasing day-by-day that makes these types of attack are full unlikely. 

In case an attack happens, BTC miners- the people who use this BTC network with their networks have to change to a new bitcoin technology. To make the attack a waste. Balances of BTC tokens are kept safe using private and public “keys”. These keys comprise strings of letters or a collection of numbers with the help of mathematical safety patterns these are used to make them.

Public Keys:

The public key is equivalent to a bank account number that is like the address which is shown to the world and to which other people can send BTC.

Private Keys:

The private key is BTC is like an ATM PIN which is used as a safety measure and is used to allow BTC communications. These keys should not be confused with a BTC wallet, which is a physical or a digital gadget that allows the transaction of BTC and allows owners to track the real owner of coins. The term “wallet” means that it is stored in a decentralized way on a blockchain.

Peer-To-Peer technology:

BTC is one of the initial computerized currencies to use peer-to-peer mechanisms to ease immediate payments. Self-sufficient people and firms who own the governing computing strength and engage in the BTC system – BTC “miners” – are in charge of handling the deals on the blockchain and are prompt by winnings (the discharge of new bitcoin) and transaction price paid in bitcoin.

These miners can be thought of as the decentralized power imposing reliability of the bitcoin system. Fresh bitcoins are discharged to the miners at a secured, but occasionally decreasing rate. There are at most 21 million bitcoins that can be mined as a whole. As of June 2021, there are more than 18 million bitcoins alive and less than 3 million bitcoins left to be mined.

In this process, bitcoin and further cryptocurrencies work in a dissimilar way from fiat currency; in centralized investment systems, the currency is discharged at a cost matching widening in goods; this system is deliberate to continue price firmness. A decentralized system, like bitcoins, sets the discharge cost in advance and as stated by the algorithm.

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